Salute to Small Business

November is also National Entrepreneur Month and in this post I’d like to celebrate all the self-published authors, small independent publishers and presses that make up the indie book scene. We are the little engines that could. This Saturday is Small Business Saturday and if you have a book that you would like to promote this week, I open this blog up for you to pitch your book. In the comments, tell me your name, title of your book and give a link to where we can purchase your book. I ask that everyone who reads this blog today would consider purchasing a book from a self published author or independent publisher this weekend.

I have two books that are both available online.

I Believe              I Wish for Snow Cover

Every book comes signed by the author.

Thank you for your support of me and the other authors who post their links.

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Nicole D.P. McLaughlin


Self-Publishing: Working with Bookstores

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

Every author wants to see their book in a bookstore.  The pinnacle is to have your books available at major chains all over the country.  There are a few things you, as a self published author will have to consider before you print your books if you want them to be picked up by bookstores.

  • You’ll need to purchase an ISBN from Bowker that identifies your book.
  • You’ll need a bar code with the price of your book on the back for easy scanning
  • If you’d like to be in the library as well, you’ll need to register with the Library of Congress and get an LCCN.
  • Your book must have a spine wide enough to hold the title of your book and your last name.
  • You’ll need to need to have your title listed with a major book distributor.

That’s a lot to do just to get your book where people can purchase it. But it’s necessary if you are going to compete with a traditional publisher. The internet levels the playing field a little. You can list your titles online easily through and other online bookstores.

I met an author said, she called bookstores in cities where she knew people and asked for her title. She would then send her friends and family to the store to ask for the title. Eventually, they would call her to purchase the book because so many people were coming in looking for it.

My motto is always be creative. If you can foster a relationship with a local bookstore then by all means do so. Take advantage of local author days and other programs designed for local self-published authors.

If you have an agent, you may also ask them to shop your self-published book to traditional publishers. They may be interested in doing a second printing or possibly buying your next book.

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Nicole D.P. McLaughlin

Self-Publishing: Finding the Money

In case you were wondering, the life of a self published author is not bed of roses. Yes, its great to be able to publish a book whenever you want. But it can be challenging to find the money to publish. I’m currently preparing to release my next title, 7 Years, 3 Schools and 4 Majors Later. This is a book that I wrote back in 2006 that has been on the shelf all this time due to lack of funds. I shopped the idea around, and got lots of positive feedback, but no one wanted to publish it. So once again, I began the process of raising the funds to publish it myself.

When you already have books, the answer is obvious, sell those books and use the proceeds to publish the next book. However, if this is your first book or your previous book is not selling well, you have to be a little more creative in finding the money.

Here a few things I’ve begun to do in order to fund my current project.

  1. Offer my talents as a freelance writer. Writing books for others pays the bills and helps me keep my writing skills sharp.
  2. Write a weekly blog. My blog has helped me meet new readers all over the country and gives me a chance to introduce them to my books.
  3. Do a pre-publication sale. As we get closer to the release date you’ll hear more about how a pre-publication sale works.

A new feature as of this month, is a link in the top right hand corner of this page that leads to my store front where you can purchase my books online. I thank you in advance for checking them out.

I Wish for Snow Cover

I Believe





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Nicole D.P. McLaughlin