Resources for Freelance Writers

I began seriously trying to make a living as a freelance writer around this time last year.  It took a few months, but I now have a pretty good system for getting regular work from a few trusted sources. If you are still struggling to find work I’m sharing my list of resources in the hopes that next year, you’ll get more work.


  1.  Elance is my number one go to for writing assignments. I’ve been successful in landing long term relationships with vendors who come to me time and again to ghostwrite books for them. I’ve gotten the occasional editing jobs as well as daily writing assignments. Eighty percent of my writing jobs come through  Elance.
  2. Odesk is a secondary place where I’ve found work. I’ve done everything from editing books to writing promotional video scripts. The work is varied and I’ve had some very exciting projects on Odesk.
  3. Freedom With Writing – is a website that post all of the various places you can find writing jobs online.  I signed up for the e-newsletter and every week I get a list of new places to look for work. One of those places is the next place on my list to look for work.
  4. Guru – is another site similar to Elance and Odesk. The main difference is that anyone can post jobs on there for free. As a result the jobs don’t pay much. I must admit that I don’t use Guru much because there are just so many people out there on the free version that it’s hard to get work without paying. I don’t think I should have to pay to get hired for work.
  5. I also recently, began offering my services to friends and local business owners that I know. Writing newsletters, reports, and marketing materials can be a big help to small business owners who are trying to do everything on their own. If you can take one thing of their plate, they will happily pay your for it.

Using these resources to find writing jobs has kept me plenty busy and provided extra income. I don’t do it full-time, but I believe that with the right focus, you could make a decent living as a freelance writer. I wish you the best in the New Year. You have three more weeks to create your game plan to get more work doing what you love next year.

Until Next Time,

Nicole D. P. McLaughlin


Every Writer Needs an Editor

Edit Ruthlessly

Regardless of how great a writer you are a good editor will only make you that much better.  I’m prepping a book for publication and I hired an editor to go through and make sure I didn’t have any typos or spelling errors.  I didn’t have any, but what I did have, was a bunch of missing or misplaced punctuation.  I know that I often misuse and abuse commas, colons and dashes.  So having a professional go through and fix my messy punctuation has given me the confidence to publish this book knowing that it is the best work I could have possibly done.

An editor can also help you with flow and syntax to make your work easier to read and understand.  I’ve read some books, especially non-fiction, that were just hard to digest.  The information was good but I would have to stop and re-read several passages to try to comprehend the text.  Editors can also help fix plot construction for fiction writers and make sure that you are writing in a consistent voice throughout.

Even if you consider yourself to be a good editor and master of punctuation and sentence structure, having a second pair of eyes is always a good thing.  If your writing is pretty good, the cost for a quick read through by an editor will be minimal and money well spent.  You can find plenty of great editors online through freelance websites like Elance and oDesk or find an editor at your local college or university.  There is no excuse for unedited books being brought into the world.  The saying goes that writing is rewriting. Well a good writer always has their work edited before they send it out into the world.

Until Next Week,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin