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Guerrilla Marketing



noun \gə-ˈri-lə, ge-, g(y)i-\

: a member of a usually small group of soldiers who do not belong to a regular army and who fight in a war as an independent unit.

You have to ask yourself, why the writers of the Guerrilla Marketing series compared themselves to soldiers and marketing to war.  Any selfpublished author, who has tried to get their books into Barnes and Noble knows exactly why. Trying to get your book to be seen in the sea of published books can be like fighting a war with just a small rag-tag regiment. Typically a guerrilla army doesn’t have all the weapons and upgraded equipment of the regular army. However, in Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, you learn how to use what you’ve got to market your book.  Most of the marketing tools in the book cost little to no money and can be implemented in a day.

Guerrilla Marketing for Writers is a book that everyone who has published or hopes to publish a book should read. I bought this book back in 2003 and I periodically pick it up and use it as a reference book on book marketing. There have been a couple of revisions since then. Also check out Guerilla Marketing for Writers 2.0, which includes all of the revised strategies as well new media weapons you can add to your arsenal.

Until Next Time,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin


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