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Seize the Day

DownloadedFile                  I attended a meeting over the weekend for local authors. We were celebrating 5 years of being a group. There were door prizes, like book lights and journals. What you would expect for a writer’s group. However, I happened to win an alarm clock. When she called my number, I thought wow, I never win anything. Which actually is not true, I just never win the things I really want. The leader of our group explained that she bought the alarm clock to symbolize that it is time for some of us to wake up and write. The alarm clock sounds like a siren. So not only do we need to wake up and write but it’s urgent that we awake. Sound the alarm!

Nothing is lost on me, so the door prize that everyone else was probably glad they did not win has inspired me to write this blog. I meet people all the time, who ask me for advice on writing. They have this story that they have been thinking about and maybe taking notes on for years. The only advice I can give, is to seize the day. Every day that you talk about it but don’t write is another day the world has to wait to hear your story. Every year that you wish you could write but don’t write is another year that the world has to wait for the solution to their problems.

In life the only time we have to live in is called now. Once the moment passes it’s gone never to be lived again, except in a flashback. When it comes to writing, you can’t continue to put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. If you want to write, you are going to have to do it now. I began offering my services as a ghostwriter and work on other freelance projects because people just don’t have the time to write. But at least they understand that the time to get their message out there is now, and so they pay someone else to write it for them.

I had intended to surprise my husband by changing out the alarm clock while he was sleeping. As funny as that would be, at least to me, I’ve decided to use the alarm clock to mark my time to write each day. Some times when you work from home you fall into the trap of doing everything except what you’re supposed to be doing. Starting today, when the alarm goes off I will stop what I’m doing and write for at least an hour.

Until Next Time,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin



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