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Why Write

English: penulis = writer

I began this conversation on my Facebook fan page this weekend. I asked, “Would you continue to write, even if you never publish?” We are always talking about publishing. It’s now easier than ever to self-publish and so that is no longer the big obstacle it used to be.  However, I wonder if people are so focused on publishing that they are losing the why of it all.

There are only a few reasons to sit down and write. If Fiction is your thing, it’s the thrill of plotting the perfect story. If Non-Fiction, it’s about sharing information. At the end of the day a writer writes because he or she must. There is a deep desire to tell the tale or relay the message to the masses. My question to you is, “What happens if the masses never read a single word?”

A few years ago, I shut Azreal Publishing down and contemplated giving up on being in the publishing business. After a year and half, I decided to rebuild and give a second try. Through it all I never stopped writing. As a result I have books waiting to be published. I have several other book ideas in various stages of development. A writer must write.

When you’re wondering, why you continue to sit down day after day and write keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • Writing benefits the writer as much as the reader
  • Readers want new books to read
  • Books are not the only things you can write
  • Experimenting with different genres makes you a better writer

Hope that you find that the act of manipulating words is enough for you. That yo u never lose focus of your why and the reason you write. Keep producing quality works and in time your audience will find you.

Until Next Time,

Nicole D. P. McLaughlin


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