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Book Yourself Solid

In last week’s post I talked about how as a self published author, you can’t just write the book and release it. You’re also responsible for selling it. That means marketing, promotions, appearances, and yes, carrying your books with you where ever you go.  You want to make sure you are attending a book fair, or some type of community event every month. You can even create your own event, whenever you release a new title.

When I was working full-time for someone else, I had to pass on a lot of opportunities. But now that I’m self-employed, I’ve devised a plan to book myself somewhere every month. The year is broken down into seasons and your marketing  should reflect that. For example, August is the end of summer and it’s time to go back to school. I’m sure if you look around your community, you’ll find several back to school events that you can attend. You can go as a vendor, a speaker, or both. With a little planning you can book yourself solid for the whole year.

  • Do a Google search of book fairs and annual festivals
  • Check your local newspaper for events
  • Take advantage of local cultural events
  • Plan a book tour for a new release
  • Speak at schools
  • Create online seminars
  • Host writer’s workshops

The only limit to the type of events you can attend is your imagination. Attending events can be done fairly cheaply. You’ll have a captive audience to share your books with. As well as the opportunity to network and sell books.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Until Next Time,

Nicole D. P. McLaughlin



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