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Banishing Writer’s Block

If ever there were two words that should never be put together; writer’s and block.  But it happens all the time or at least we think it does.  I have a theory that writers always have something to say.  We write even when we are not at our computer.  I can be in the grocery store, washing clothes, or sleeping and an idea will come.  A persistent idea that I can’t get away from.  Call it inspiration, call it genius but when it’s flowing you know it.  I like to think of those times when it’s not flowing as lack of motivation as opposed to being blocked. Ways to Banish Writer’s Block

  1. When its flowing write it down.  You can always turn to these bits of inspiration to remove a block.
  2. Always keep many fires going.  Work on several projects at once and that way you’ll always have something you can work on.
  3. Learn to relax.  Often times a mental block is really the manifestation of a physical block. Especially when deadlines are looming learn to walk away and relax so you can come back fresh and ready to write.
  4. Simply refuse to be blocked.  Remind yourself that you are a writer and writing is what you do.  Stay positive and confident that you can get the job done and you will.

Repeat after me.  No More Writer’s Block.  Never again will I succumb to negative thoughts about my talents and abilities.  I will relax and recharge instead.  When I return it will be writing as usual. Until Next Week, Nicole McLaughlin


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