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In The Beginning There Was A Word

Every good story has a distinct beginning, middle and end.  So in this introductory post I’d like to start at the beginning.  This blog started with one word and that word was Write.  As much as I love to write I was hesitant to write a blog about writing.  I’ve published two books and done a little ghost writing but what do I really have to say about the art and craft of writing.  Then that same little voice that said to me, “write!” said, “just tell your story and the readers will come.”  And so here we are in the beginning; and in the beginning there was a word.

It really only takes one word to start a war or a love affair and so I always try to choose my words wisely.  A painter has an assortment of brushes and colors, a singer has music and lyrics to express the theme or emotion she wants to get across.  We writers only have our words.  When I was in the 11th grade my English teacher told us that, ” people who use profanity have a small vocabulary.”  That was my first lesson in the power of words. Because  from that moment on I became determined to show the world how big my vocabulary is.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved words.  Let my mother tell it, I read my first book at the age of two and have been writing ever since I was able to hold a pencil.  So no one in my family was surprised when I self-published my first book, I Wish For Snow.  The book began as a short story I wrote as an assignment for a correspondence writing  course I took when I was nineteen years old.  Later in college, I used this story for an assignment in my reader’s theatre class.  We were to take a piece of literature and turn it into a script that could be used in a staged reading.  So naturally, when it came time to publish something I thought why not my children’s story about the little girl in Madagascar who wishes for snow. 

That first book taught me many lessons about publishing.  Far more than I learned reading Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual.  Many of the techniques I read then are out dated now with all the advances in short run printing.  So I’ve learned to adapt over the last nine years.  I shut the business down completely from 2008 – 2010 in an effort to regroup and pay down some of the debt I racked up trying to market and distribute my first book.  The last three years have been about the Re-Birth of Azreal Publishing Company.  I know call it Azreal Books, and I have expanded my vision to include writing for adults as well as children. 

So what you can expect each week will be more tales of how I got started;  my creative ideas on how to turn your passion for writing into a profitable career; what’s new in the world of publishing, and when I can I’ll share book reviews of what I’m reading.  May you be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to write and write well my friends.

Until next week,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin


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